Introduction to Unqork Workspaces

October 13, 2020  |  12PM ET

At Unqork, we are excited to introduce the new Workspaces experience! The launch of Workspaces lays the foundational information architecture for future productivity and collaboration for Unqork Creators. With Workspaces, Unqork Creators can now scale their environments while keeping it tidy and organized. Our intuitive and clean interface will enable Creators to manage, promote and edit their Apps all from one centralized place, improving the Creator experience.

Join us to learn how Workspaces can benefit you and your teams!


Mike Furst

Lead Product Manager, Unqork

Mike helps streamline product management with Unqork’s Product team. Mike has been with Unqork since 2019. Prior to Unqork, Mike spent the last 7 years in various roles in product management, innovation consulting & strategy.


Michael Lin

Lead UX Designer, Unqork

As a Lead UX Designer, Michael works on the design and experience of the Unqork platform. Michael has been with Unqork since 2019. Prior to Unqork, Michael spent the last 10 years focusing on design of platforms and architecture. Michael loves design in all aspects and pays close attention to people and pixels.