Low-Code vs. No-Code: How No-Code Can Solve Enterprise Development Challenges

March 2, 2021  |  1 PM ET

As companies continue to turn toward low-code and no-code platforms to meet their application development demands, we wanted to demonstrate a few core differences between the two approaches, particularly when it comes to complex integrations and legacy modernization, and why Unqork invented the first and only no-code enterprise platform.

Join our CMO, Alex Schmelkin, as he highlights what separates no-code and low-code and showcases the reasons Unqork’s revolutionary visual no-code platform drives business value and future-proofing. We’ll also share real examples of complex applications that wouldn’t have been possible with traditional code or low-code platforms.

Alex EDITED.png

Alex Schmelkin

Chief Marketing Officer, Unqork

As Unqork’s head of marketing, Alex oversees strategic partnership development and marketing initiatives, and also plays a key role in product development and customer experience efforts.

Alex is an impassioned digital leader who has been helping companies build their businesses online since 1994. Prior to joining Unqork, Alex was Founder and CEO of Cake & Arrow, an award-winning customer experience agency that focuses on the insurance and e-commerce industries. Cake & Arrow clients include MetLife, Prosight Specialty Insurance, Citigroup, Bose, and Saks Fifth Avenue.